The Myth – It is believed that the Halcyon is a bird similar to the Kingfisher. The kingfisher supposedly tames the winds for seven days each winter so that the female can lay her eggs in a nest on the beach and be safe from the wintery winds and waves. These days became known as the “halcyon days”, when storms never occur.

The Reality – For me the words Halcyon days evoke memories of the lazy, hazy, days of the carefree summers of our youth. Throughout history they have referred to times of peace and prosperity.

I am a wanderer by nature and a writer by happenstance. When I put those two things together, like limejuice with tequila, a delicious concoction was created. is a unique, upscale, stylish resource for traveling or as I prefer to call it, explor-ving (living life while exploring the world), working globally, and collecting cool things along the way.

I have traveled widely to over 40 countries and 6 continents for most of my life, as a single, young, exchange student, a single, not-so-young, flight attendant, an expat working mom with kids (the most challenging) and as a trailing spouse (the most fun and what my husband would love to be).

Speaking of my husband, let me tell you now that he is analytical – to a degree that most analysts cannot even fathom. But it was through his in-depth analysis and itinerary planning that Halcyon days came to be. We have been asked to share our travel tips, our itineraries such as “’17 days in Vietnam and Cambodia with kids” and our living abroad experiences so often that we decided we might as well share it, all at once, with everyone.

Recently, we spent seven years enjoying the magic of Asia, living in the metropolis of Tokyo. Occasionally, we look at each other and say, nostalgically, those were our Halcyon days. But we have come to realize that each day is a Halcyon day when you live deliberately, live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. (Thoreau-loosely quoted)